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Each year, in our continued efforts to offer the very best summer clarinet academy experience, we solicit feedback from participants. We are very pleased to receive overwhelmingly positive feedback each year. Some feedback is offered anonymously. Where participants have chosen to attach their names, we too have included those.


We have chosen to include a sampling of testimonials, which speak to the location, organization, variety of offerings, and quality of our program and curriculum.


"I believe that the best part of the Lift Clarinet Academy was the total immersion in 'clarinet life.’
Being around so many enthusiastic and passionate people helped to create a rich learning
environment that everyone was able to benefit from.”

Meghan Taylor

Natchitoches, Louisiana

"The program was a phenomenal experience for me; it provided invaluable new ideas and perspectives that will have a lasting impact on my studies and career. It was amazing to have all the teachers know us individually. The connections I made with both the faculty and other students will benefit me greatly in the years ahead."

Emily Kerski

Chicago, Illinois

"The Lift Clarinet Academy allows students to tailor their learning and experience to their own needs in a very positive and enriching environment."

Danielle Rains

Murfreesboro, Tennessee

"Super organized! The Lift Clarinet Academy is the perfect place to get individualized exercises and practice tips tailored to your specific needs. A great place for someone to get a crash course in fundamentals that they can work on during the rest of the summer at home."


Samantha Hotte

London, Ontario, Canada

"The Lift Clarinet Academy gives students the opportunity to arrive with certain goals in mind and leave with plenty of ways to apply what they've learned to their clarinet playing."


Rachel Phillips

Denton, Texas

"With a close-knit and supportive group of teachers, each student at Lift follows a unique path that is dedicated to their playing specifically. While doing this, students play and learn from each other. In addition, getting our own personal practice room is a huge plus. It is convenient and makes you feel at home right when you arrive!"



"There are so many opportunities for learning and growing as a musician in different ways, from lessons to masterclasses to lectures that all give you the motivation and resources to continue working on the areas you want to improve individually after you leave the program. I had a wonderful experience and have so many specific goals to work on personally now that I am home. This program exceeded my expectations."


Kim Cassisa

Oxford, Mississippi

"The Lift Clarinet Academy has such a unique blend of learning opportunities that anyone arriving with any goal in mind will absolutely become closer to reaching and understanding that goal. I came out of the experience achieving goals I set for myself, and goals I didn't even know that I should be striving for. This program will make any clarinetist regardless of major or age, a better musician."


Adam Jones

Humble, Texas

"Wonderful intensive experience to increase technical and musical skills, unique opportunity to learn from three phenomenal teachers in the same place, the chance to develop communication and artistic skills through chamber ensembles with some fine players is invaluable, overall a great balance of lessons, masterclasses, and coachings."



"Overall I really enjoyed the environment Lift created and found my colleagues to be very encouraging and supportive of one another's current abilities and goals. I think some contacts made at the festival will easily become lifelong."


David Deiter

Tallahassee, Florida

"Seriously amazing experience. 10/10 would recommend for anyone feeling stuck in their playing and needing a refresher on small things that will change the way you think about the clarinet. I feel like a new player and am looking forward to practicing this summer for the first time in a while. Thank you thank you thank you to everyone involved in this year's Lift Clairnet Academy."

Sarah Harney

Amherst, Massechusetts

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