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About the Program


At the Lift Clarinet Academy, we want you to arrive with a goal and leave with a sense of achievement. Hosted annually by Dr. Wesley Ferreira (Colorado State University) and Dr. Jana Starling (Western University), the focus is on the individual musical, technical, and artistic goals of each participant.



The Lift Clarinet Academy remains one of the best-value summer programs in the United States. In addition to tuition fees that are among the most competitive in the country, we offer a limited number of talent- and need-based scholarships. 

June 13 - 17, 2022

Take your playing

to the next level

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"With a close-knit and supportive group of teachers, each student at Lift follows a unique path that is dedicated to their playing specifically. While doing this, students play and learn from each other. In addition, getting our own personal practice room is a huge plus. It is convenient and makes you feel at home right when you arrive!"

- Lara Mitofsky Neuss (2018)

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